W H A T   I S   T H E   H U N T ?

Forget all that you once knew about scavenger hunts and prepare for the most packed weekend of your Middlebury experience. The Hunt is a three day (Thursday (26th) 1pm to Sunday (29th) at 1pm) competition during J-term for students to try their hands as completing random tasks compiled by the all-powerful Hunt Masters. There are typically just over a hundred clues that are not revealed until the official start of the Hunt.


A notice to veteran Hunters: the 1pm start and end times are a new thing aimed at making sure people aren't pressured into missing Thursday classes. We recognize that this still doesn't accommodate everyone, but we hope it helps.


Participants can form team of up to ten students and should come up with a fun name under which they will submit any videos, materials or simple answers to fulfill clues. The more tasks or clues completed, the more points earned for that team. At the end of the three day period, the Hunt Masters, along with some qualified judges, will review the materials submitted by each team and determine the winner.


This is a great opportunity to do a lot of cool stuff with your friends and forge better relationships with acquaintances. Take advantage of it when forming your team. More people more better.


BUT THAT'S NOT THE END! The winning team of The Hunt will receive $1,000 to split among its members. Choose your team wisely.


So, what is The Hunt? In short, it is on.