R U L E S   F O R  T H E   H U N T

JANUARY 26th - 29th, 2017


Registration:  All teams must register by email before 1pm on January 26th.  To register, fill out the registration form on our website. You cannot have more than 10 registered people on your team. Nevertheless, your selfless friends with ample amounts of free time may help you if they want.  College ID holders only.

Documentation: If you simply tell us you did something we won’t believe you. Even if you pinky promise. Unless clues require a physical item to be submitted, you must compile and submit all clues answered in a team powerpoint before the deadline of January 29th at 1pm to huntmasters2016@gmail.com Make sure you list the name and class year of all of your collaborators on the last slide!

Negative points for video documentations in portrait mode.

How will you assemble this powerpoint presentation, you ask? Well, write any written answers on a slide, copy and paste a link to a youtube video for any video capture questions, paste any photo documentation for photo questions…you get the idea.

Check out this very useful sample of a team’s documentation:


Submitting your clues: Link to the final Google Powerpoint must be emailed to huntmasters2016@gmail.com no later than Sunday, January 29th at 1pm. All submissions that cannot be reduced to ones and zeroes must be delivered to Ross Seminar Room (Ross B11) by Sunday, January 29th at 1pm. Judging will be done by the Hunt Masters and unbiased friends.

Please label all of these in-person submissions with your team name.

Other Rules

Driving: If you plan on driving, please make sure (a) you’re 18,  (b) you’ve had your license for over 2 years,  (c) you are not going to Canada alone because you will not have fun! (this is also a likely outcome when going to Canada with others),  (d) you don’t drive more than 3 hours/person/day.

Contacting Faculty: Contacting faculty/staff by email is not allowed, find them in person instead.  Nobody likes email.

And most importantly….

Don’t be a jackass
Anything illegal, disrespectful, or unnecessarily crude will be frowned upon by us, other teams, the administration, and Steven Hauschka.  Middlebury gave us $1000 to have as much fun as possible over four days in J-term.  Please don’t do anything that would make them regret it.


Point allocation will be fair, subjective and final.  The point value listed for each question represents the maximum points you can earn for each clue; however, bonus points may be awarded for outstanding entries.

The following will have a negative impact on your score:

  • Being a dick
  • Copying other teams
  • Not trying hard

The following will have a positive impact on your score:

  • Thinking outside the box
  • Exceptional quality
  • Cleverness
  • Flattery*
  • Anything that makes us laugh

In other words, high-quality submissions will be rewarded handsomely, while low-quality submissions will be poo-pooed without mercy.


*Just kidding. Maybe...