Click  HERE for a Google SpreadSheet of the clues. (Feel free to ignore the "Submission Type" column in it. That's just there for a bit of guidance)


  1. Make social media accounts for your team and meme/share your entire experience.  SOME CLUES WILL REQUIRE POSTING IN A TIMELY FASHION SO GET TO IT. Make us chuckle. [5 points]

  2. Create a Team Crest, accompanied by a written defense of its symbolism [3 points]

  3. Go on a date with an opposing team member, and document it in video form in the style of Curb Your Enthusiasm  [5 points]

  4. Present us with the most convincing photoshopped image of a member of your team as an Animorph [3 points]

  5. BRAINERD COMMONS  CLUE: Create an advertisement for The Hunt [10 points]

  6. Create an advertisement for The Chunt, The Hunt’s evil twin [10 points]

  7. Unnecessary Censorship of the hit children’s TV show Yo Gabba Gabba [5 points]

  8. Lip Dub - THROWBACK TIME! Earth, Wind & Fire: September [10 points]

  9. Friday night. 5:00pm. Ross Dining Hall. You have 30 minutes to present Hunt judges with your best Ross creation by 5:30 , using only foods from the dining hall. Plating and presentation are essential. [5 points]

  10. DO IT FOR THE VINE. r.i.p. vine :’( [5 points]

  11. Can you track down an alumnus from any of the old social houses from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s? Where are they now? Strike up a conversation? Get them to send you a picture of themselves with a fake beard? [5 points]

  12. Hah, PRANK! Orchestrate the best prank ever. Bonus points if your prank is on another team. NEGATIVE POINTS IF YOU PHYSICALLY OR EMOTIONALLY HARM ANYONE OR BREAK STUFF (this should apply to the entire hunt. Don’t be a jerk) [5 points]

  13. We don’t think that 2 little eyebrows are enough. We want people to have more. [2 points]

  14. Make a zine! [10 points]

  15. ATWATER COMMONS CLUE: Build a robot. [15 points]

  16. The Hunt Masters will give you some random materials. Create the best thing you can with them. (Team Captains: stay tuned via GroupMe on Thursday about when and where you can pick up your materials) [3 points]

  17. Build a giant fort/castle out of recycled cardboard. Decorate that interior. [7 points]

  18. Take a photo with as many local cats as possible, including a sign with your team name and crest. Give us the cats’ names and towns of residence. [5 points]

  19. WONNACOTT COMMONS CLUE: Silent film. Weimar style. [10 points]

  20. Most convincing 100% false Ted talk. [7 points]

  21. Roooooooaaadtrip!! Reenact your favorite scene from Britney Spears’ iconic roadtrip film Crossroads, while going on a roadtrip. [7 points]

  22. HOW MANY PENNIES CAN YOU HOLD ON YOUR BODY? You may not have any pennies on top of other pennies. (negative points for pennies in your body) [5 points]

  23. Eat a penny  [0 points. why would you do this?]

  24. You are now listening to WRMC 91.1 FM Middlebury College Radio. All day. Tune in to hear a super secret code from your Hunt Masters. Include each day’s code with your submission. [2 points each]

  25. If your Hunt team were on a sitcom (90s or earlier), what would your show’s intro sequence be? Think Full House, etc. [7 points]

  26. Battle of the Bad Bands...Battle of the Pots and Pans. Practice and perform a song (cover or original, either is acceptable) for The Hunt’s first BATTLE OF THE BANDS in the Gamut Room on Friday at 7pm. The only thing is that you can’t use anything that would traditionally be considered an instrument. Objects that produce the most unique sounds are a plus. [7 points]

27. Hi. I’m Ira Glass. And today on This Middlebury Life… [5 points]

28. Create a beautiful avant garde sculpture out of doll parts (...and butter?) [4 points]

29. Write a satirical application for any of the prestigious post grad fellowships (think Fulbright, Watson, Marshall etc) [4 points]

30. Contour your face into a demon, and share it with the world in the form of a YouTube makeup tutorial. [5 points]

31. WITCHCRAFT 🔮  [3 points]

32. Create a (false) Middlebury Public Service Announcement for the benefit of your peers. Please don’t actually disseminate false information. There are too many gullible fools who might be all too willing to believe such absurdities. [3 points]

33. Make an infographic to accompany it. [5 points]

34. RuPaul’s Drag Race, Hunt edition. One team member must show up to the Gamut Room on Saturday at 9:30pm, in full drag and ready with a lip sync performance of any song of your choice. Come cheer them on. [10 points]

35. Present us with your best Middlebury conspiracy theory, preferably talking over diagrams made using ms paint. [5 points]

36. Write an obituary for the next celebrity who will die [3 points]

37. We love LARPing, and we don’t care who knows! LARP with another team. [7 points]

38. Can you get from CFA to bi hall without touching the ground??? [5 points]

39. Build a sled then race with another hunt team. No snow? Too bad, figure it out. [5 points]

40. How many cookies can you get in Cookie Clicker? [5 points]

41. Finish a 1000 piece puzzle. [5 points]

42. Eat something from Taco Bell at the McDonald’s PlayPlace in Rutland [5 points]

43. Scare people from the inside of a trashcan. [3 points]

44. Call us from a payphone. Also, jw, how many of your teammates can you fit into a phone booth? [3 points]

45. Create your own voiceover/audio track for any of these Middlebury archival footage videos: https://vimeo.com/middleburycollegearchive/videos [5 points]

46. David Duchovny, Why Don’t You Love Me? [3 points]

47. Make the longest functioning cup and string telephone. [5 points]

48. PRESIDENTIAL CHALLENGE: Design a new visual arts building at Middlebury. Architectural drawings and models will be needed to earn full points. The presidential challenge has no affiliation with any president, living or dead. All such resemblances are purely coincidental, as are we all. [20 points]

49. President’s Challenge remix: Caricature of Donald Trump (any medium welcome)  [5 points]

50. Create the most stylish outfit you can for one of your teammates using only trash. And then work it, huneys! (minus points (or bonus points?)  if your outfit looks like it kinda smells). No physical submission needed, just document it however you choose. [5 points]

51. Go to Neil’s art show in Rick and Morty cosplay on saturday at 6:00pm. Write an artist statement for his work. Don’t plagiarize Neil’s artist statement. Bring everyone you know. [7 + 3 points]

52. Using photos from Special Collections and/or Kaleidoscope, recreate photos of students that better reflect today's Middlebury student body from each of the following time periods: 1851 to 1900, 1901 to 1950, 1951 to 2000, and 2001 to 2017. Please include a copy of the original photo along with your own submission. [4 points]

53. Take a picture of Middlebury and its student body in 2117. Write the common application essay of someone in that picture. [5 points]

54. Find out the favorite food of one of the custodians in your building and cook it for them. Document the cooking process. [7 points]

55. Calculate volume of Neil's chest hole. We’re not sure if accuracy will help with your points, but sketches and diagrams with numbers on them will definitely help. Here is a picture of it full of plaster that is not very helpful: [4 points]

56. Recut a trailer for The Boss Baby with the audio of Rogue One [5 points]

57. What is the highest Middlebury ID Number you can find? [3 points]

58. You will get a text alerting you that Neil’s T-shirt is in the wash, with just 1 minute remaining. Find it before anyone else does and let Neil know that you have it (with picture). Deliver it to him sopping wet for some points. It will be on its own and it looks like this:  Each team may only get credit for this once, so once you’ve gotten it please don’t interfere with other team’s attempts on following days. Don’t disturb other people’s laundry. That’s not cool. [10 points]


59. ROSS COMMONS CLUE: Reimagine The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. [10 points]

60. Memorize and recite a speech for the judges. Deliver it to us (and everyone else) in Ross dining while we eat our breakfast at 10:00am on Saturday. [7 points]

61. Race to the large wire question mark in town. NO DRIVING. Go now. Take a picture and post it to your team’s instagram. [5 points]

62. Paper mache body part ;) [4 points]

63. Reenact an awkward moment from freshman year [5 points]

64. Make up a completely sensible and useful word that does not exist in any language. Give us a definition and a case for why it should be added to the OED. [2 points]

65. Make patches for Erin and Neil to sew on their clothing. [4 points]

66. Most convincing Guy Fieri costume [5 points]

67. Rebrand Middlebury™ [5 points]

68. Postmodern Jukebox-- any Bowie song in the style of gospel choir [7 points]

69. Meet with a professor speaking only in Bob Dylan lyrics [4 points]

70. How many teammates can you fit in a shower? Jw. Points based on person per volume, not total people  (low point value). Turn the shower on. Take a shower. [3 points]


[3 points]

[3 points]

72. Construct a Rube Goldberg machine alarm clock [10 points]

73. Make a new episode of the Eric Andre Show complete with a celebrity guest. [8 points. we haven’t done an 8 yet]

74. Bedazzle something (or someone?) [3 points]

75. Recut a Donald Trump speech with Kanye West audio [3 points]

76. A live fly in a jar [10 points]

77. Make a cardboard cutout of Mr. Meseeks and bring it all over campus. Sign your team’s name on yours and post pictures so we can give you credit. [7 points]

78. Once per hour between Sunday 1am and 11am, do an egg toss with a teammate while exchanging witty banter using breakfast innuendos. NO HARD BOILED EGGS. YOU MUST CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. [5 points]

79. We like pizza in the morning, we like pizza, everyday! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXerF6crDRs ) [5 points]

80. Is that the patriarchy in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? [3 points]

81. COOK COMMONS CLUE: Film just the ending of your own soap opera. WE WANT TO SEE PASSION.  [10 points]

82. Make a bikini out of only cookies and wear it. Pro tip: cookie dough is a great adhesive that still counts as cookies. [5 points]

83. Children’s book of a single storyline from Pulp Fiction [8 points]

84. Make a diorama of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. [7.3 points]

85. Press release for Middlebury’s new department of home economics [4 points]

86. Do something good for the Middlebury/Addison County NON COLLEGE community [20 points]

87. Mashup the music of at least two of the musicians who passed away in 2016. [4 points]

88. Rogue One, a 2 Fast 2 Furious story [(1+2) * 2]

89. Win a sweepstakes competition [15 points if you actually win, 0 points for effort]

90. “That’s a load-bearing poster.” [1 point]

91. The End is Nigh. Get the word out. You may only do so wearing large signs. [5 points]

92. Repurpose Getty Stock Video to create a music video for Smash Mouth’s hit single “Allstar” [4 points]

93. Create a Tinder profile for a bag of trash with googly eyes and see how many matches you can get [3 points]

94. What would Bernie put on his bubble bath playlist? [6.9 points]

95. With at least one other team, stage a giant puppet show publicly on campus. Bonus points for how many people you can get to actively watch it. [8 points]

96. What is the weirdest combination of things you can purchase for $7? [3 points]

97. Your best sad clown routine, in full makeup, under a spotlight in one of the campus theater spaces. We want to laugh, but also cry. [5 points]

98. Coolest/best thing you can find in a dumpster. Documentation only/don’t bring in. [2 points]

99. Existential Crisis [0 points or maybe not? I don’t know what to do]

100. Rewrite a selection from Macbeth in the style of Ernest Hemingway but using only pirate speak [6 points]

101. Brew us the most delicious cup of coffee, via the most unconventional method. Document the making and bring the fresh coffee to judgment. (A quick instagram video of the making will suffice) [4 points]

102. Score at least 20,000 points in a game of GeoGuessr, world map (https://www.geoguessr.com/world/play). [2 points]


[5.73 points]

[5.73 points]

104. DIY Clue. Make your own clue and document it. Must obey rules of The Hunt [? points]



The given point values for clues will be earned by an A quality submission. (for some clues, that is as simple as just doing the thing, but others will be judged much more qualitatively). Bonus points may be awarded for outstanding submissions that go above and beyond in creativity, effort, or just overall quality. 
The highest scoring submission for each commons clue will earn a separate prize of $50, and the highest scoring submission for the presidential clue will earn a separate prize of $100.