The Clue List 2018


Below is the official Clue List for the Hunt 2018. You are required to read The Rules completely before completing any of the clues. You may also want to read the bit about scoring but that’s up to you. All Clues are due by 1pm Sunday the 28th.

Keep your calendars open for The Hunt Gala on Tuesday Jan. 30. We will show some of the best submissions and announce the winners of The Hunt Awards.

Godspeed and Goodluck!


For Point Values and Guidelines, The Clues are in Excel format here:


1.  Scavenger Hunt Clue 1: While the Hunt is by now a Middlebury tradition, it has not been around forever. Which student from the class of 1834 would have been a born natural at the hunt had it been around in his day?

2.  It’s The Hunt's 10th anniversary! Celebrate this decade milestone by incorporating tin and aluminum* into your Hunt!

3.  Hunt Spirit is the most revered of all hunt qualities. Create a hunt flag and anthem unique to your team. Make a video introducing your team and singing your team's anthem, Also, you must include your team's flag somewhere in the video.

4.  Everyday at an undisclosed time, The Hunt Masters will text the Team Cap'ns when a question mark is released from a printer. The first team to capture this question mark will be rewarded with a hefty reward.

5.  The Huntmasters henchmen have taken Ry--the epitome of purity and justice--captive. YOU MUST FIND RY. Once per day, at an undisclosed time, the captive will release a photo of his location along with the time he has left to live. YOU MUST FIND RY. The future of this very world depends on it. Good luck, and godspeed.

6.  Get as many autographed photos of nostrils as you can. Alternatively, autograph someone else's nostrils and take a photo.

7.  Go shooting with a card carrying member of the NRA.

8.  Library Hide-and-go-seek, find the 10 Middlebury Students hiding in the library with question marks.

9.  Tell Nick Jansen's story and find physical evidence of his existence on Midd's campus...

10.  Go to MCAB Trivia on Thursday at 9pm! Use your hunt team name as your team name

11.  Design and create a Card's Against Humanity expansion pack for Middlebury College

12.  Gregorian Chant remix of Dirty Little Secret. Harmonizing is a bonus.

13.  Knit an outfit for a sculpture on campus (negative points if it's the same sculpture as another team)

14.  Who says you can’t be culinarily creative in Ross? Using only ingredients from Ross Dining Hall, make a small dish and have it ready to serve to the Hunt Masters and Judges by 6pm on Friday. (Late entries not accepted!) All preparation must occur in Ross Dining Hall

15.  Run run run I'm the kraft cheese man, eat a box of mac kraft as fast as you can. (Timed from the moment the box is opened).

16.  Recreate a viral video

17.  Brooke is obsessed with vine compilations. Please make her one. Bonus points if you make her laugh so hard she cries.

18.  Find a stock photo that represents your team and explain why you picked that photo

19.  Show us how you put safety ‘first’

20.  Find the BiHall Zoo.

21.  Write Yelp! reviews for campus laundry rooms

22.  We love fanfiction, make a storyboard for the next season of Firefly

23.  Make a definitive list of the top 10 bathrooms on campus. Include your criteria. There are no right answers, but there are wrong answers.

24.  Make the front page of Reddit or get an op-ed published in the New York Times (which are definitely equivalent)

25.  Get as many people at Midd as possible to set their phone backgrounds to a photo of your team

26.  Knit a terrible long scarf. At least 6 inches wide. To be judged by the hunt masters grandmothers.

27.  Have everyone on your team learn a foreign tongue twister

28.  Get a shoutout from Ellen Degeneres

29.  Find evidence of a mythical creature on google Earth

30.  Unnecessary censor of Lil' Einsteins

31.  Find the people in the Graveyard who lived the longest and the shortest.

32.  Spruce up campus with some well-placed googly eyes

33.  Classical rendition of Stacy's Mom

34.  Toenail Clipping Art

35.  Find the largest cornflake and deliver it to us unbroken (try to not ramshackle the dining hall)

36.  Send one person from your team to compete on the Bachelorette on Friday at 8:30 pm in the Grand Salon. Make sure that you are dressed to impress and ready to win the rose. Hint: it's a good idea to have a special talent for our special curly-haired Huntmaster.

37.  Portrait of a Feb in a snuggy

38.  Stick the landing.

39.  What go/link does Middlebury need? Make it.

40.  Get the highest QWOP score.

41.  Serenade a tour. Bonus points for quality singing

42.  Write a Craigslist personal post for a fictional character

43.  Make a music video for Shut Up and Dance with Me

44.  Synchronized swimming to Rolling in the Deep by Adele

45.  Compose and send a sonnet to someone who Ghosted you

46.  Conduct a tinder chat with a stranger using only content from Trump's twitter

47.  Its The Hunt Games at the Middlebury Classic Badminton Tournament. Arrive at that gym that used to be an airplane hanger (name?) on Saturday at 3PM. Bring your flag and have your anthems ready! The 2018 Hunt Games  will consist of three games. Please designate only 2 members from each Hunt team to represent your team in each of the games. However, anyone is welcome to provide moral support! :)

48.  find an ant***.

49.  Ask out your crush in a public and creative way. (more public and unconventional = more points)

50.  Flash mob dance with another team

51.  On Friday, all Hunters must dress up as their spirit animal in honor of your Hunt Masters. (We want time stamped pics every hour - Snapchat is a good way to do this. Pictures must include at least half the team.)

52.  Make an #instagram account and be sure to follow your Huntmasters @HuntMasters2018. Bonus points for beautiful photos, followers, and making us laugh use the hashtag: #hunt2018.

53.  Pay homage to the Huntmasters

54.  Find the oldest book in the Middlebury Library and update it's message for the modern youth

55Podcast of the hunt (minimum half an hour)

56Go on a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sledding adventure with another team

57.  Make a Gift basket for the huntmasters using only items from the recycling center (WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING THAT IS NOT FROM THE RECYCLING CENTER)

58.  Ride the Panther

59.  Recreate Davinci’s last supper with Professors (bonus points for theme)

60.  Take a photo of the most interesting room on campus

61.  Ruin our childhood.

62.  There's no place like gnome.

63.  Freshman say whhhhaaatttt?????

64.  This year is the 10th anniversary of the Hunt. Give us the scoop on: Middlebury's Hunt: Through the Ages

65.  Get on TV

66.  Caption contest for a photo on our instagram from the archives. Comment your caption (1 per team)

67.  Recreate your most awkward moment

68.  Make it from Bihall to the CFA with an egg on a spoon in your mouth

69.  Show us your best 100 things collection

70.  Between the hours of 6 pm and 6 am on the final night of the hunt, sing your team's anthem outdoors on the hour every hour.

71.  Prank War with another team

72.  The Hunt loves question marks! How many photos can you get of people holding question marks at farmous landmarks around the world?

73.  Reinvigorate Middlebury's rivalry with UVM

74.  Get a team member who is an ordained minister (with proof) to marry two dogs

75.  #scarecam

76.  Here is your inspiration:

77.  Throw a surprise party for your food delivery person

78.  Design your own clue

79.  Fill out this Friday's New York Times Crossword Puzzle (Honor Code)

80.  Surprise trustfall with strangers

81.  Spell "The Hunt" with long exposure photography

82.  Thread the Needle

83.  Vlog Ross Challenge Day 28

84.  Fit as many team members as you can into the same pair of pants

85.  Tabitha loves maps and scavenger hunts, make her a treasure hunt on Midd's campus

86.  Show your appreciation for Middlebury's staff members

87.  Build a card castle with all 52 cards

88.  How many dollars are on the roof of two brothers? No adding more dollars except in the tip jar.

89.  How high up can you get on campus?

90.  Create a new Hunt themed cryptocurrency.

91.  Get the Huntmasters a can of Grapico and a bag of Goldenflake Chips

92.  Use a calling card to make a phone call from a phone booth using a phone book. (-50 points if it’s not a real phone booth)

93.  The only difference between a ___ and a ___ is six months of reading.

94.  Middlebury needs more commemorative plaques commemmorating commemorative things or commemorative rooms.

95How many steps are in bicentennial hall? Can you get a slinky to go down them all? (Can you get a cow to go up them all? no extra points, but we'll like you better)

96.  Assorted objects suspended in jello - bonus for creativity.

97.  Ride in a snowplow with your team flag streaming in the wind behind you.

98.  Why do chicken coops only have two doors? Seriously.

99.  Make a Pan-Galactic-Gargle-Blaster

100.  Duplicate a key that says “Do Not Duplicate”

101.  Ask, and take, a quidditch player to the Yule Ball on Saturday (bonus points if you dress up)

102.  bounce a bouncy ball REALLY high

103.  Set a high score on a mechanical pinball machine

104.  The Huntmaster’s LOVE corporate sponsorships... unfortunately we don’t have the street cred. Get a corporation with a ton of cash to shoutout your hunt team on social media. Most followers/likes/retweets wins.

105.  Get as many hugs with current supersenior febs as you can. We want to send them off with a warm goodbye :)

106.  Recreate your favorite pop song in the style of this video:

107.  Can't get enough of scavenger hunts? Go to go/labsafety and complete that scavenger hunt too! (PS the lab safety hunt is giving out gift card prizes)

108.  Brooke and David have been so busy planning the hunt that they forgot to eat lunch. They are in the library right now. Bring them a proctor panini as soon as possible. First team to deliver the proctor panini wins. THIS CLUE IS EFFECTIVE AS OF 1 PM THURSDAY. GO GO GO!!!


President's Challenge: What was the biggest rise and the biggest decline in career choices amongst Middlebury graduates in its first century of existence?

Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life Clue: Design an interfaith baccalaureate program that works for students, parents, faculty, staff, and administration.

Cook Commons Clue: We don't believe pigs can fly. Show us we're wrong.

Brainerd Commons Clue: Make as many owls as you can and deliver them to us. The winner will be determined by sheer quantity. A stranger must be able to identify these creations as owls.

Wonnacott Commons Clue: Squirley, squirley, shake your bushy tail in every dining hall, and don't forget to sing the squirrel song as loud and as long as you can. Winner is chosen on tail bushyness, style, and creativity.

Atwater Commons Clue: Make a giant frog for the Atwater commons office. Winner will be selected by the Commons CRD, Dean, and Coordinator.

Ross Commons Clue: Create and film a soap opera based around the Ross Commons Challenge. Winner will be selected by the Ross Commons staff


*negative points if you use "Aluminium" in your clues

** According to the Huntmaster Handbook ∞≤50pts Huntmaster locuta, causa finita.